Food lovers unite

The grassy smell of a fistful of herbs. A strawberry that’s red through and through, that tastes like a strawberry should. A ripe tomato sprinkled with flaky salt. The lazy pull of melted cheese. 

Do these simple details excite you? Tuning into colour and smell, texture and taste – this is what food love is all about. You know that food doesn’t have to be complicated to be delicious, that you don’t need fancy skills to enjoy it. You’re often thinking about food – the next meal, the next shop. You look forward to spring peas and summer corn. A warm baguette is impossible to resist, even though its perfect crust scrapes the roof of your mouth a bit. You have strong feelings about cilantro, one way or the other, and what makes the best grilled cheese.

You may not have realized how much of a food lover you really are. But we see it – the happiness, the obsession, the curiosity you feel for food. Because we’re food lovers too.
Love it or hate it? Red delicious apples: Yes or no?
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