Frequently Asked Questions

No, as a Loblaw pharmacy customer you are able to use e-refill in order to complete all of your refill orders. When you log onto your account and access your medication history, you will be able to select which prescriptions you would like to refill (excludes narcotics and controlled substances).

Yes, when you pick up your refill order, your pharmacist will provide you with healthcare counselling and will also assist you with any questions you may have.

No, you are not permitted to pay online. You will need to pay any applicable charges for your order refill when you come in to the pharmacy for pick up or upon delivery (where available).

Yes, most prescriptions can be transferred. If your prescription is a benzodiazepine drug, it can only be transferred once. Moreover, Narcotic or controlled drug prescriptions cannot be transferred at all. Your Loblaw pharmacist will be able to provide you in-depth guidance about the process of transferring prescriptions (required by law in all Manitoba pharmacies).

Yes, as a Loblaw pharmacy customer you are able to use e-refill whenever it is most convenient for you; however, you must select a date and time for in-store pick up or for the home delivery service [if applicable].

If your local DRUGStore Pharmacy currently delivers then yes you can have the prescription delivered to you upon request, at nominal delivery cost. However, you will have to contact your DRUGStore Pharmacy directly in order to request this service.

The e-refill service is only available for customers who have prescriptions with valid renewals at a Loblaw pharmacy location. If you are not a Loblaw pharmacy customer, and wish to be one, please call the closest Loblaw pharmacy location to you in order to easily transfer your prescription(s) today!

Yes, you can choose to pick up your refill order from any Loblaw pharmacy location within the same province. If this is a service you are interested in, please contact the Loblaw pharmacy location that is most convenient for you in order to request a prescription transfer. *Certain conditions may apply.

However, if you are moving or going on holidays, and wish to transfer your prescription(s) to another province, please contact your Loblaw pharmacist, as there may be different requirements for this process that vary across provinces.

No, currently e-refill is only available for prescriptions that already exist in your file at your Loblaw pharmacy. However, please feel free to come into your Loblaw pharmacy in order to add your new prescription to your existing file so that you will be able to use the e-refill service on this prescription in the future.

The doctor does not have to set up an account. The e-prescription service works on the relationship we have with you.

There is no account needed with e-prescription. We have developed a convenient and confidential method of capturing your prescription information each time you place an order, without having to set up an account.

The information our pharmacist collects from you is completely confidential. If you would like any additional information in regards to our security policies, please read our Privacy Policy.

Our ability to identify your date of birth helps us protect your privacy and assists our patient validation process.

You can ask your local pharmacy for a personalized enrollment card containing temporary credentials that you can use in order to create your online account. The temporary credentials do not contain anything that identifies you as a patient; therefore, this information cannot be used to gain access to your profile if the enrollment card is lost or misplaced.

E-refill will allow you to request a renewal of any valid prescription(s) in your file. Your pharmacist will then determine if the refill is adequate according to the information he or she has on-hand (it is the same process used when requesting a renewal in-person). However, you should always inform your new doctor of the medications you are currently taking because he or she may adjust your therapy as needed. Moreover, please ensure that you contact your Loblaw pharmacist if there are any changes made to your therapy prior to an e-refill request.

Once you enroll, you are able to view your medication history and select prescription(s) you need filled in order to submit a request for renewal. Furthermore, you will be able to also select a date and time that works best for you in order to pick up your prescription during pharmacy hours, or schedule for our home delivery service [if applicable]. Your pharmacist will then treat the refill request in the same manner as he or she would if the refill request was made in-person.

We require a minimum of 24-hours to process your refill order; however, when using e-refill, you will be able to select a date and time that works best for you for an in-store pickup or for our home delivery service [where applicable].

E-refill provides you access to the following services:

- You are able to view drug information sheets for your medications

- You are able to set up automatic renewals or refill reminders through text or e-mail

- You are able to view your medication history

- You are able to manage requests on behalf of someone else (certain conditions – see below)

- You are able to view and print a detailed summary of charges for given date ranges

For persons 14-years-old or older in Quebec, or 16-years-old or older elsewhere in Canada, wishing to grant access to another, an enrollment card must be used to first create their own profile as outlined above. That person would then have to grant a caretaker access as a custodian through the “My Managed Account” tab. The caretaker would be able to accept the request from the same section once logged into your account.

If the person is younger than the ages above, you simply need to enter the temporary credentials provided by the pharmacy for that person’s account into the Minor Custodianship section in the “My Managed Account” tab. However, once the minor attains the age of majority set out above, caretaker access to the account would be revoked.